Different Types Of Child Care

You might be a parent who doesn’t have any idea of the type of child care you would want your child to have. Here are the types of day care services available:

1. In Home or Nanny Day Care

This type of day care is usually provided by au pairs and nannies. If you decide to go for this option, ensure that you choose a nanny from a well known agency. Check to see if the nanny has good reviews from past clients before hiring.

The advantages include:

– Undivided attention is given to your child.

– The nanny you hire may also handle some chores in your home.

– You as a parent are a direct employer of the nanny. The nanny will always work as instructed by you.

– Your child will not have to travel daily to a day care centre, but stays at home in a well known environment with less exposure to illnesses.

– A professional nanny has the relevant skills in caring for kids.

The disadvantages include:

– May be more expensive compared to other options.

– You will have to arrange for a backup in case your child’s nanny is unavailable.

– You will have to pay for the nanny’s benefits and taxes as you are the employer.

– The chances of your child interacting with others are low.

2. Private and Community Based Day Care

These may be the best option if you want services from the most qualified personnel. These centres are regulated by relevant authorities and always have the required licensing.

Aspects like learning systems, food, quality care, how the facility is maintained and the number of children are strictly regulated.

The advantages include:

– It is cheaper compared to in-home day care. However, you will have to pay some fees for additional facilities, which may be expensive.

– Your child will be able to interact with other children.

– A pre-arranged program of activities is followed for the children.

– The day care facility is responsible for looking for a substitute in case one care provider is unavailable.

– The staff at the centre is focused on providing children with the best care possible.

The disadvantages are:

– Your child may not receive individual care.

– Your child will need to travel daily to the centre and adjust to a new environment especially on the first few days.

– Some centres may not tolerate some children’s temperaments and particular needs.

– Your child may be exposed to illnesses from other children.

3. Family Day Care

With this option, you will have your child being taken care of in your home. It is recommended that eaglevalleychildcare you choose a qualified caregiver for the safety and well being of your child.

The advantages are:

– It is cheap.

– The schedule is flexible.

– Your child interacts with just a small number of children.

– The caregivers are experienced.

– Provides a home setting where your child may receive good care.

The disadvantages are:

– Some care providers may not be highly qualified.

– You will need to arrange for a backup in case your child’s care giver is unavailable.

You can make up your mind on which type will work best for you by weighing the pros and cons of each.

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