Customer Service – The Mobile Mechanic With The Winning Ways

Our married daughter’s car needed a service this morning, but who would she call?

Well, last time she had taken her car to a local garage that I have used for a while. The mechanic is experienced and thorough. He does good work.

But by the time he finished, the carservice2u bill for the job was twice as much as she had been quoted before he started work.

Okay, we all know that when a mechanic starts working on a car he does not know exactly what he will find inside the engine until he has taken it to pieces. And yes, the best and cheapest time to do the extra work is when the engine is already in pieces.

But nevertheless, it left a bad taste. A job that was going to be around $200 finished up costing her about $400.

So this time she called a mobile mechanic. He arrived within minutes of the agreed time.

He explained that no tool touches the car until he has examined it and can give a firm final figure for the work. Impressive.

But that’s not all that she –the customer– liked.

If, during the process of servicing her car, he finds something else that needs attention, he will down tools and call her on her mobile. He’ll give her the details and then she has the choice of saying yes or no.

In other words, with Josef, the customer is king.

Or in the case of our daughter, queen.

Guess who she is going to call next time?

She will call the mobile mechanic with the winning ways. Oh yes, he was also courteous in his manner to her, and clear in his explanations. Winning ways indeed.

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