Take Stock of Your Knowledge Resources

Everyone who wants to ride on the front end of the wave of change, which is sweeping through our lives right now, must conduct an audit of their knowledge resources. The more prepared you are i.e. the better the understanding you have of the knowledge resources available to you right now or the knowledge you may¬† need to acquire in the future, the better prepared you are to manage the inevitable change, which you will encounter on your success journey. The better your knowledge about your current skills, attributes, interests, strengths, abilities, traits and weaknesses’, the better you will be able to assess the need to improve or acquire any new skills or ability.

When exploring your strengths and abilities, don’t only look at you formal qualifications. Take a look at what you loved doing as a child, research has shown that what you did well as a child, in most cases continues as your latent or manifest talent as an adult. If you really loved doing something as a child, it is very likely that your affinity to excel doing the same thing will continue as an adult. Invest time to examine your weekend or evening interests too; they may very well reveal a gem of possibility, which you can apply to improve your career or turn into your vocation. Stop relegating the things you love to do to only childhood interests or your hobbies. Look for ways to integrate what you love doing into your life’s work.

Invest time to discover your vision, so that when you invest effort to grow or improve your knowledge, you ensure that there is a reason or purpose for acquiring the knowledge. Knowledge acquired with purpose and then applied in your life is the only way to turn it into the global power that it can be. Acquiring knowledge, which will serve your vision and purpose, is a lifelong commitment and constantly staying abreast of the changes in your environment and industry, is the only way to ensure that the wave of change does not wash over and overwhelm you. Knowledge is expanding exponentially every year and so if you are not growing your knowledge and skill, you are not standing still, you are actually going backwards. Remember you can only coast in one direction.

The rate of change is speeding up every day. At the current rate of innovation and change, it is estimated that technology companies are producing a new innovation about every thirty seconds. Research has also shown that knowledge is currently doubling every eighteen months and this rate of doubling is estimated to increase to around 72 days in 2020. It is for this reason that your formal education has an extremely short shelf life and as such can never serve you for the rest of your life. A commitment to lifelong learning was a luxury in the past and those select few, who invested time to consistently grow their knowledge base, throughout their lives, were richly rewarded for the efforts.

The rapid rate of change all around us has now turned this commitment into a necessity. Unless you are continually looking for ways to increase your knowledge to support your vision for the future and investing consistent effort into growing your knowledge and skills every day, you are actually going backwards. Becoming and industry or subject expert is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity, if you want to thrive and flourish going forward.

Action Idea: Invest time to increase your reading, writing and vocabulary proficiency. This will help you to more easily acquire the knowledge you will need. The more skilled you are at reading more efficiently i.e. speed reading, the more knowledge you will be able to acquire in a shorter space of time. The greater your vocabulary, the easier it will be for you to comprehend and apply the knowledge you learn.

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