What size rug for what room?

Some are happy, other’s – not so much. Whatever the lil’ darling’s demeanor, the school year is about to begin (again).

Parents everywhere are being hammered with a plethora of preparation starting at but not limited to peanut-free lunch ideas, school supply requests, clothing and demands for indoor shoes. Never fully prepared for this onslaught, parent’s tendency is to use the “rushing in head first” method to cope with these items but the old standby of “leave it to the last minute” is more popular than ever! Focus – that’s the key, not just for our sakes but the kiddies too!


Daily, children are tromped off to school in hopes of gaining the insight into “the art of learning”. It’s not necessarily the marks that give an accurate reflection of a child’s progress but their ability to follow instructions and source serial ghorbaghe information. Anything can be achieved with these two processes mastered – harnessing that focus is where the battle lies in the school system, social issues and distractions abound – teachers definitely have their hands full!


Let’s not forget the learning that happens spontaneously through play. Take time out and watch a child as they play solo. Completely immersed in their tasks and utterly unaware of their audience children can reach an almost euphoric escape from reality, something that as adults we can only dream of.

For this kind of learning (play) environment one only has to look as far as… home and your Persian Rug. Feeling safe children can shift their concentration to things that they are attracted or drawn to. The Persian Rug incorporates many of these feel good factors:

Color: Color effects mood, children can feel secure and grounded (beige), relaxed (pale green), calm and restful (blue), and excited and energetic with the color red. Design: Imagination unleashed! Designs can propel your child into a field of flowers or a series of dinky car highways. When the mind has no preconceived expectations the possibilities are endless. Another example of the power of imagination is gazing at cloud formations…everyone sees something different. The possibilities are limitless! Comfort: Children will do things instinctually; there is no method to their direction other than personal satisfaction. Somewhere along the way we as adults lose that spontaneity, responsibility laden and sleep deprived our personal requirements become more necessity driven and less self indulgent. Walking barefoot, lying on the rug to play, even taking a running jump and sliding across the rug are perfect examples of self fulfilling enjoyment because it feels good. There is something to be learned from the wee ones.
The cycle repeats itself every year. By the end of the 2nd week of school all the dread and anticipation will dissipate leaving behind…routine! Whew! As for the home aspect of learning that’s ongoing. Now all that needs to be resolved is our self-regulated schedule of walking barefoot…



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