The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Simple Living by Georgene Lockwood

In this hustle and bustle time we live in, sometimes it seems that our existence only becomes more complicated as each year passes. With more and more things and experiences to engage in and with, are we really enjoying life and living more? Or do all of the fancy gadgets and widgets and this and that, and gazillions of choices just increasing our stress and making it difficult simplestartllc to actually enjoy the important stuff? If you have asked yourself how to prioritize and then minimize the stuff in your life, or how to earn a life and not just a living, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Simple Living” by Georgene Lockwood might just be the book to help you set yourself on the path to a more simple, but enjoyable stress free life.

I like this book because it lays out in clear simple language, what simple living is and why it can make your life not only easier, but more enjoyable, enriching, and stress free. (Or at lease reduce the stress you may be experiencing due to the complexities of our modern world)

Part One of the book outlines what simple living is. Chapters focus on consuming passions and how the world became un-simple, simplicity and the spirit, what’s old is new again, culture shock regarding lessons from alternative living, and finding your own simple living way.

Part Two it titled Your Money IS Your Life and has chapters on gaining your freedom by going debtless, earning a life, not just a living, the simple truth about where you live, how living with less can mean more, and organizing your finances.

Part Three is about simple living basics. These chapters focus on food, fashion (your clothes), and your home. Very practical ways to live more simple in these areas. There are also chapters on getting off the grid, if you decide that is for you, and a chapter about your automobile.

Part Four, Family, Friends, and Community focuses on simple living and relationships. Learn strategies on raising kids the simple living way, entertainment and recreation, and your circle of community.

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