Debate Over Illegal Movie Downloads

We’ve all heard about the tug-of-war between college students and record companies. College student illegally downloads music on the Internet, record companies wants to sue. It’s a perpetual battle that has been raging on college campuses and elsewhere across the United States for years now. However, it is also an issue of concern to film production companies who are finding their flicks are being stolen left and right as well.

Alongside music files, movie files can be downloaded through those not-so-legitimate Web services. While we all know nothing beats a free movie or song, there is no comparison in terms of quality. Many illegally-downloaded movie files are hard to see, with grainy appearances and frequent freezes. Music downloads are the same, with random blips and beeps interrupting tracks. However, it isn’t a surprise to those wanting something for nothing.

Just a year ago, Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) President Cary H. Sherman confronted college students at the University of Delaware, encouraging them to purchase their music. Similarly, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) launched efforts to discourage students from downloading movies illegally, stressing this was a breach of University policy and possible legal action would be made against them.

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