Buying into what is web marketing,

Companies can choose to advertise on certain websites where their buyers are likely to visit. Good choices of these are industry publications and associations. The website typically charges a fee to each company that wants to advertise. Prices vary depending on the size and placement of the ad.

The key to making display ads a success are to know what attracts your prospects, and then being able to capture their information once they click through your landing page.



Has a lead visited your website and then clicked away? 49% of buyers visit a website between 2-4 times before making a purchase. And mostly for these websites, onzepagina only 2% of their web traffic are actually converting on the first visit.

Retargeting is a form of web marketing that can bring them back into your sales funnel.

For example, a person looks at your website. Your site drops a cookie that is a trail leading you back to them. When they visit other sites, your retargeting ad shows up as a banner, reminding them of your company. If they click on it, they will be routed back to one of your awesomely designed landing pages.

Retargeting is essential in re-engaging potential customers who, for one reason or another, didn’t complete their transaction with you. It is a technique that helps brands engage those 98% of users who didn’t convert on their first visit. This also includes users who abandoned their carts before settling the payment.

Now you see how in-depth and multi-faceted the term web marketing actually is. Savvy business leaders know to put time into their decisions of which options to use, so they get the most return on their investment of time and cash.

We have used retargeting campaigns to help one of our clients to make 42x their ROAS within one month!

How can you get started with web marketing?
If you have used web marketing already or are just getting started, you need a plan to wring the most success out of your efforts. Below are the tips you’ll need to help you develop that plan. You can also consider hiring a digital marketing professional to tackle this task for you.

Some actionable insights that help you build a good one are:

Set your goal

What is the primary goal of web marketing?

Ultimately, the goal of web marketing is to get more revenue. That should be your goal too or at least part of it.

A plan without a goal is a rudderless ship. What are you trying to accomplish? Don’t just say “get more sales”. That’s too broad. Dig into what you really want to accomplish. Is it to grow your website traffic? Increase your social media followers? Expand your email database? The better you are at laying out your goals, the more likely web marketing will help you reach and exceed them.

Understand your buyer

Relating to your buyer’s problems and pain points and addressing their needs is crucial to your entire marketing strategy, especially with web marketing. Since you are able to target your buyers so precisely through online activities, if you are aiming for the wrong consumer, you are likely to fail spectacularly.

Put time into developing your buyer persona. Figure out the topics they would be interested in, and then use these as your marketing base.

Choose your tools

As we mentioned previously, there are many choices to make when diving in to web marketing. Think about your customer, the time you can devote to your online marketing initiative, and your budget. Pick the avenues that you can devote ample time to so they can be developed and nurtured properly. Social media posting, email marketing, and content marketing are smart ones to kick off with. The ultimate decision depends on your specific company and goals.

Craft your message


Your branding message needs to be consistent and succinct to build recognition and loyalty. Decide on what you want your leads to remember about you and then share that message across the channels you have chosen to use. Avoid the temptation of veering off-course with other messages that don’t fit into your original brand.

Organize and commit

Decide who will manage your web marketing efforts. Choose someone who buys into the relevancy of online promotion. This may be the time to consider hiring an agency to handle this for you.

Ask that they create and maintain a content calendar that shows ongoing planning of the blogging, social media, SEO, and other online advertising efforts. It’s vital that the person in charge of these tasks stay focused and diligent about doing them consistently. Lack of strategy and advertising and blogging whenever you “get around to it” won’t reach your goals nearly as smoothly.

Measure and revise

One of the best things about marketing on the internet is the ability to directly measure ROI. Periodically review the results and see if you are reaching your goals with current efforts. If not, pinpoint what isn’t working and edit it.

If you are killing it, figure out what specifically is making it such a success. Digesting analytics may seem boring, but it’s this type of information that makes future efforts even more prosperous.

Once you understand what is web marketing, it is time to start executing. Otherwise you are falling behind your competitors and will most likely start seeing less ROI from your traditional marketing efforts.

Buying into what is web marketing, the benefits of web marketing, and how it is relevant to your business can energize your entire marketing initiative and breathe new life into your strategy so you can triple your sales! If you’re ready to get started, then it’s as simple as contacting us right here. If you still have questions, that’s understandable. Leave them in the comments below and we’ll be happy to answer them!

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