A trikini is a three-piece article of clothing utilized as a beachwear.[1] The name is framed from two-piece, (itself named for Bikini Atoll) supplanting “bi-“, as though to signify “two”, with “tri-“, signifying “three”. comprar biquíni

The trikini showed up quickly in 1967, characterized as “a hanky and two little saucers.” It returned in mid 2000s as a two-piece base with a stringed strap of two three-sided bits of material covering the breasts.[3] The three pieces are sold together, for example, a two-piece with a tank top. A two-piece worn over a one-piece suit is likewise in some cases called a trikini.[4] Another variety is called strapless bikini[5] or a no string swimsuit, regularly a blend of two pasties with a coordinating maebari-style bottom.[6]

Dolce and Gabbana planned trikinis for Summer 2005 as three bits of sparkling texture that scarcely cover the wearer.[7] Another minor departure from the swimsuit in which including a traditional two-piece with an impressive band of rhinestones round the waist.[8]

Israeli fashioner Gideon Oberson, known for his creatively roused swimming outfits, calls a two-piece suit planned by him a trikini which seems as though a tank top that can be worn with a skirt or a couple of shorts.[9] Brazilian architect Amir Slama calls two pieces of silk associated with string he intended for thin ladies a trikini.[10]

Because of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on style, another assortment of trikini was planned with two pieces for the body and a coordinating face mask.[1][11][12][13][14] Indian film entertainer Kajol, among others, advanced the possibility of this trikini.[15]


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