Follow These Poker Rules in Playing Texas Hold’em

There are certain rules you should keep in mind when playing Texas Hold’em in a card room. First of all, you must “buy in” to join a game. That means you must meet the table’s minimum buy-in, or the minimum amount of chips required to play. The usual minimum buy-in for a low limit game is $50. You buy the chips from the dealer. These are color coded, the color indicative of a chip’s value: $1 for white, $5 for red, $25 for green, and $100 for black. You purchase your chips from the dealer. Sometimes players can buy chips from each other, but this is often not allowed. Ask your dealer first if you are uncertain.

Be aware that games are generally played “table stakes”–that is, you can only bet with the playing money you placed on the table at the beginning of a hand. You cannot add to it money from your pocket or anywhere else, and you cannot withdraw it from the game either, during the course of a hand. However, you are allowed to buy in–put more cash on the table or buy more chips–between hands.

You can join a game that is already in progress, but in most cases you will be required to “post”–meaning that you must place in the pot a bet amounting to the small and big blinds combined. Otherwise, the dealer will not give you any cards. When you post, you automatically get to see the flop unless a player raises and you do not call. On the whole it is advisable not to post; instead, you should wait until you can take a blind position and join the game as a regular blind.

There are a number of rules of conduct that you should always take care to follow. If you don’t, you may be asked to leave the card room–and you may even forfeit whatever money you have in play! So take care to follow the correct conduct.

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