Sony MDR-V6 and Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

The MDR-V6 earphones were generally presented in the mid 1980s, and keep on moving off the creation line today. The Sony MDR-V6 earphones were supplanted in the mid 1990s by the Sony MDR-7506 earphones. The MDR-7506 earphones generally are indistinguishable from the MDR-V6 earphones except for the gold plated 3.5mm earphone connector, and the ear cups include distinctive hued stickers. The MDR-7506 earphones are promoted somewhat not the same as the MDR-V6 earphones, in that the 7506 earphones are dispersed through Sony’s expert division, and the V6 through their shopper division. What does this all mean? The MDR-7506 earphones convey a somewhat more exorbitant cost, anyway it is said that they convey a superior guarantee, which incorporates better help, parts, and administration. The length of creation of these two earphones is a demonstration of their notoriety, which eventually can be discounted down to the way that they give extraordinary quality sound at a generally excellent value point.

These earphones are individuals from Sony’s Studio Monitoring arrangement of earphones. Both of these earphones are mainstream among proficient sound designers. These earphones are a completely shut ear configuration, otherwise called circum-aural earphones. Notwithstanding giving incredible sound quality at a reasonable value, they are additionally exceptionally well known as a result of the accompanying: overlay up to turn out to be minimal for voyaging, and are entirely tough.

I’m a fanatic of both these earphone models since they give incredible sound at a sensible value, travel well indeed, and are truly tough. I’ve never needed to send both of these earphones in for guarantee, and really incline toward the MDR-V6 due to its full metal 3.5mm sound fitting lodging, while the 7506 has a plastic lodging (simply close to home inclination). The V6 is additionally more handily discovered at stores on the off chance that it should be supplanted after all other options have been exhausted, and is likewise evaluated at a somewhat lower value point. Maybe on the off chance that I had expected to recover the guarantee I would be recounting an alternate story, fortunately for me that has not occurred at this point.

I discover the sound nature of these earphones to be generally excellent. The bass is exceptionally close, and punchy, which I value tuning in to a ton of bass substantial music, however the bass isn’t excessively misrepresented. Notwithstanding, it ought to be noticed these earphones sound incredible with most kinds of music (R&B, rap, electronica, house music). The earphones do battle a little with rock (particularly live abums), ensemble and symphony tracks. One of the solitary disadvantages that rings a bell is the somewhat little solid phase of these earphones, which influences these recently referenced classes of music. The mid-range instruments can will in general sound somewhat jumbled, yet not unendurably so. By and large awesome sound quality with an assortment of music.

These earphones are incredible for going for a few reasons. First they overlap up to turn out to be minimal, which saves space, and they accompany a voyaging pocket for capacity, which shields them from getting scratched up. They are truly strong, and voyaging can on occasion be difficult for earphones. These earphones are effectively determined without an amp, which implies they sound extraordinary straightforwardly snared to your iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3 player, or other lower controlled gadgets (something less to pack). Another territory where these earphones dominate is in shutting out encompassing commotion, which is significant for voyaging earphones. The almost 10 foot line is spiraled like a phone line which makes it ideal for dealing with the string length while in a hurry. Last, being a shut earphone with a decent seal around your ear, these earphones release next to no clamor; which implies you won’t be upsetting people around you, all while you can wrench the volume in the event that you want.

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