Spirituality Information – Is The Messenger More Important Than The Message?

History has demonstrated that the development of human awareness has been customarily moderate. I think one about the primary purposes behind this is on the grounds that the message of the multitude of extraordinary people was never projected as prevalent than the couriers of the message. Bodes well ! Conventional individuals work really hard of commending remarkable people. They get so overawed by the characters and way of life of these people that they can’t fathom the genuine message conveyed by these extraordinary people. Allow me to give you an example….

Krishna lectured Bhagavad Gita to Arjun. The Bible is the craftsmanship of Jesus. Quran was created by Prophet Mohammed .. also, the rundown of the extraordinary strict educators and their lessons goes on…. I need to ask you a certain something, what number of individuals on the planet follow the lessons of these extraordinary men? In the event that it harms you to reply, let me help you out. Infrequently, will you discover any individual who practice their message. Yet, examine something additionally intriguing. While not many individuals practice their message practically 70% of the total populace are in amazement of all these extraordinary strict educators. They love these extraordinary men,respect them and sing acclaims about them however they don’t give unjustifiable significance to their message. What a disgrace ! When will we discover that the message is a higher priority than the courier? Bhagavad Gita is a higher priority than Krishna, Bible is a higher priority than Jesus, Quran is a higher priority than Prophet Mohammed.

Dont misunderstand me here. Being a Hindu, I love Lord Krishna more than all else yet in the event that I was given a decision between an icon of Lord Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita which the Lord lectured, I would take the heavenly content. Life is straightforward, settle on the most ideal decisions in any event, with regards to God. At the point when I read Bhagavad Gita I drink the Knowledge of the most elevated structure and it additionally ingrains in me the dedication and honesty of an unadulterated kid. I become acquainted with the magnificience of this extraordinary man called Krishna and the job he needs me to play in this round of life.

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