Plastic Surgery Preparation

In the United States, many people choose to have plastic surgery performed on them. Over the years, the number of plastic surgeries performed has increased dramatically. People choose have a variety of plastic surgeries to choose from to meet their needs. A partial list of plastic surgery operations people can have performed on them includes


  • breast augmentation
  • facelift
  • tummy tuck
  • lip plumping


Choosing to have plastic surgery done is a multi-step process. The first, most obvious–but by no means necessarily the easiest–step in the process is deciding whether or not you want to have a plastic surgery done on yourself. Coming to this decision will require an analysis of all of the costs and benefits–both implicit and explicit–of the surgery as well as a lot of introspection.

After an individual comes to the decision to do plastic surgery, however, then there are number of steps that individuals need to take. The first step is to choose a plastic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable. When looking for plastic surgeons, an excellent place to start is with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This organizations seeks to provide information about plastic surgery and create a network through which those somehow connected to plastic surgery can communicate. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has a number of criteria that are important when considering a plastic surgeon, such as the surgeon’s history and training.

After selecting a plastic surgeon, the next step people interested in a plastic surgery is to schedule an initial consultation with the doctor. In such a consultation, a number of things will and should be discussed. Among the things that are likely to and need to be discussed are


  • why you want the surgery and what you believe the results will be
  • current medications you are taking and other medical ailments you may have
  • past surgeries you have
  • substance abuse challenges you have faced or are facing


After discussing these and possible other things with the doctor, there will be other steps that the surgeon may require. You may have to take some medical tests as well as adjust how and when you take any current medications. If you smoke, you may have to temporarily stop smoking.

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