How Not to Be Rejected by Girls Online? Get Her Absolutely Attracted to You!

Meeting girls online is fun and exciting — not to mention that it gives you something to look forward to and anticipate in the future. However, there’s always this growing fear in us to be rejected even online — well, the sting is less but it still does give a blow on our ego. First things first — don’t be too scared. One of the best things about the finding a date on the internet is that you don’t have to go through the elaborate preparations of getting dressed up and actually talking to a girl (with your desire not to show you’re sweating like a pig). So try to be a little less stressed — it’s your chance to be your absolute adorable self! Below are a few tips on how not to be rejected by girls online and get her to be attracted to you instead!


  • Make clever pick up lines. They say pick up lines don’t work with women anymore but online, words are your allies. You have to be able to catch her attention and make her to notice you. That means you should stand out from the rest, so better get those creative cells to work. Make your own clever pick up lines and they’d be al over your profile soon!
  • Don’t start off with something vulgar. Asking a girl to have sex with you way before you said hello is completely unacceptable. This doesn’t mean that you don’t get a little created in how you introduce yourself. Instead of your usual hi and hello and the eternal care to chat line, why not comment something about her online name, say something about the weather — believe me. Being unique sure does make you stand out.
  • Be sensitive with what she’s saying. Don’t be self-centered — we know you’re excited to show the online world what a hotshot you are. However, that doesn’t mean you become a total jerk and not listen to her at all. Girls love to talk about themselves so try to be a good listener and she’ll be definitely in for keeps.
  • Don’t be desperate to meet. Don’t beg — that’s just downright pathetic. Doing it in person is already too unbearable. Doing it online is terminal. Have a little confidence and let things flow in their own. Ride the tide and you’d definitely get to where you’re going. Keep flirting and be creative with your words. She will come around sooner or later believe me.
  • Stay in touch. When things are still mellow and you still can’t get her to like you, that’s fine. Start off with being friends for now. But keep in touch. Exchange number, send emails, text over some SMS — she will always have you in mind believe me. The surest way to a girl’s heart is not by rushing her — so take things one step at a time. The results will be rewarding I tell you.

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