Have Acne No More: Treating Pregnancy Related Acne

One in five of women between the ages of 25 and 40 suffer from acne. In many cases, their condition is due to the hormonal activity associated with pregnancy. This presents special difficulties because many of the most popular acne remedies are not advised for use by pregnant women and nursing mothers because they could harm the unborn baby or the young child. Treatment of pregnancy related acne must deal with the pregnant woman’s condition and protect her baby.

Alternative remedies

Over the years, many natural latierrademisamores products have been proposed as acne treatments including honey, cinnamon, mint and lemon or orange derivatives such as juice and peel. There are a host of others. The ingredients are prepared as a cream, paste or lotion that is applied to the skin. These may be worth considering for treating the symptoms of pregnancy related acne as they have few, if any, side effects. There is, however, no clinical evidence supporting their effectiveness, either.


Some people believe in homeopathic treatments in which a natural substance that in a healthy person would produce symptoms like those of the disease itself is diluted until all traces of the original active ingredients are lost. The adherents claim the resulting potion “remembers” that the active ingredients were once present. Scientific research has found homeopathic remedies ineffective, or at least no better than a placebo, and their postulated mechanisms of action implausible. Because of the extremely high dilutions, most homeopathic remedies are, at least, harmless if ineffective.

How then can a pregnant woman or nursing mother treat her acne in a way that is not harmful to her unborn baby or child?

Treating the causes, not the symptoms

The answer lies in understanding where the cause of pregnancy starts. It starts inside the woman’s body. Her acne outbreaks are triggered by hormonal activity associated with pregnancy. An imbalance has developed in how her hormones are regulated causing excess sebum to be secreted and inflammation in blocked pores.

The imbalance also contributes to a build up of toxins within her body, which are eliminated through the skin. This method of elimination is another cause of her acne outbreaks.

Her condition has to be treated insider her body. Her diet and what she drinks are fundamental to treating the root cause of her condition.

What is good for the baby is good for the mother

The key to tackling her hormonal imbalance and the build up of toxins is to have a healthy balanced diet. She will have received sound dietary advice from her midwife or doctor, but her diet should also avoid processed foods and snacks. Apart from their high saturated fat and sodium content, these foods are source of the toxin build up she is trying to eliminate.

She should also drink plenty of water each day. This will keep her body properly hydrated as well as having other general health benefits. It will improve the appearance of her complexion. It will also help her to eliminate the toxins through her kidneys.

Over time, this natural and safe method of treating the root cause of her pregnancy related acne will give the clear complexion she wants and she will have acne no more.

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