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Most of the panic or anxiety disorders sufferers believe that they are the only ones in the world that have it and no one can help them. They couldn’t be more wrong. Panic attacks are more common than you can imagine. Actually it is the third largest disease/condition in the world! About 7-8% of Americans are currently suffering from some sort of panic or anxiety attacks. Today, there are proven natural treatments that almost guaranteed that you won’t have another severe anxiety/panic attack again. (I do not recommend medication because I believe that they do not cure bazinga the root of the condition and they are also highly addictive).

Who am I and why should you listen to me? My name is Or Baz and until recently I have suffered from severe anxiety attack disorder. My life was full of fear and I believed that this is who I am, so there is nothing to do about it. This was the case until I have accidentally found an article online (just like this one) that have opened my eyes. I started to realize that this is not something you have to live with. Since then I have tried every single treatment you can think of. In this article series I will share with you some of the knowledge I have gathered over the last few years about panic attacks help.

Here are some of the most amazing panic attacks help methods I have found:

1. Change nutrition:
Completely avoid caffeine (cafe & tea) – caffeine is an stimulant, like the adrenalin that releases into you body when your having a panic or anxiety attack. Therefore, when you drink cafe you will make the attacks twice as strong. This applies also to sugar, energy drinks etc.

2. NLP & Hypnosis:
These are a really effective panic attack help method. It combines both the conscious and unconscious mind for maximum effect. This is less complicated than it sounds and you can learn and apply it by yourself. You can read more about it in my other articles or look for some more information in Google.

3. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy:
Cognitive-behavioral therapy is based on the idea that our logical thinking can influence our emotions. Most of the people think that are emotions triggered directly by situations, peoples, event etc. They are not! Our emotions triggered only by our thoughts. And our thoughts are the interpretation of the things that happens to us. That’s means that if you can change the way you think you can change the way you feel (anxiety is an emotion).

First example: Whenever you get an anxiety or panic attack try to talk slowly. That will make your brain to think slower and will reduce the stress.

Second example: Whenever you catch yourself stressing about something just say “STOP!” (in your head). This will stop the flow of negative thoughts. Than think about the situations you are in. understand that there is no real danger. Nobody has ever died from a panic attack.

There a lot more methods like these. I recommend that you find more information about it.

4. Reduce exhaustion:
Exhaustion is what triggers panic and anxiety attacks. To reduce Exhaustion you need to sleep well, Work less, change unhealthy relationships etc.

Now you know that you are not alone that you can get panic attacks help anytime you want. just make the decision to change and take action. Keep learning and applying the things you have learned and you will be a confidant man/women in no time!

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”

Or Baz is a former anxiety & panic attacks sufferer, who now try to help other sufferers overcome their anxiety. To learn what are the symptoms, the causes, the most powerful treatments and much more, visit
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