Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners – The 3 Deadly Mistakes That Cause 97% of People to Fail

I take it you’re looking for an affiliate marketing program, that any beginner can use – and have success with it right off the bat, right?

Did you know that 97% of onlineĀ  robottogel.marketers fail online because they make three deadly mistakes on the internet?

Yes, there are THREE deadly mistakes and what I’m going to do is share with you how to avoid these mistakes, so as a beginner with affiliate marketing you can not only avoid them, but look for a solution that will help you and guide you towards success.

Deadly Step Number One – Low Commission Programs

So, as a beginner what you want to have is a commission program that will pay you pretty well. Usually on affiliate programs like Amazon, the most you’ll get for selling a product is around 7-8%, and even through programs like ClickBank the most commissions you’ll get is 75%.

It gets even worse as these are one time 75% commissions that are NOT residual… In most cases anyways…

But there is good news out there. There are now 100% commission programs that allow for residual income on the front end (income that will pay you over and over again), and there are back end products in their funnel that pay up to $100, $500, $1,000 and $3,5000 commissions for you!

Find an affiliate program that will pay you 100% commissions, with the options of having residual income and high paying back end income.

Deadly Mistake Number Two – No Proper Marketing Training

This is crucial to success, and at the same time people often miss it. The best training comes from qualified people in the trenches, bloodying their knees and working day in and day out at a specific marketing strategy.

Let’s say for example you want to learn SEO and you have three options from three people to learn from:

Option One: A professor at Harvard University that gained his SEO knowledge through textbooks

Option Two: A new guy at the office that went to school for business, and somehow got into the SEO department in the firm – he’s super pumped and excited though.

Option Three: Two SEO brothers that have been battling Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, are consistently ranking on page One for multiple search terms in Google, and are averaging over 200,000 visitors per month just through SEO – no other marketing and they’re making sales daily.

Who do you honestly want to learn from!?

Yes, the last option because now you have concrete viable proof that these methods CURRENTLY work and that you can get consistent results through this marketing modality.

Deadly Mistake Number Three – Not Having a Community or Mastermind Group

This has got to be the DEADLIEST of them all, because without a team or a core group and a community of people it can be very EASY to fall prey to ‘misfortune’ and ‘defeat’ and ‘failure’, because the affiliate marketer won’t have a support group to fall back on.

When there is a community of people actively engaged and attracting more success then the chances of the overall team succeeding dramatically increases because there is now social proof, there is a support group to ask questions and more importantly the belief increases about what’s possible inside of the industry.

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