Artist behind the Artist

Unless we probe into the Artist behind the Artist, we will never be able to function satisfactorily. The Cavemen spoke to us; as did the Mayans, Egyptians, Romans, Etruscans and many, many others. We need to heed their Artistic wisdom, capitalizing on their fingers pointing to the direction of what lies within. With pitiful ineptitude do we try to disentangle the meanings of ART of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Without the latent cosmic insight found within all ART, we miss the point of ART. A survey of the history of ancient, mundane and everyday ART impresses us indelibly with the fact that it is a continuous personal soul-seeking exploration. Each period has its own reflection of GOD encased. Without the application of the inherent cosmic aspect immersed in it as its viable means of expression, each related to the atmosphere of the time in which it flourished ART loses its universal appealing force of connection. Man’s never-ending search for the association, the semblance, and the aura of God is contractually sought by and though the Artist’s hands. The irreplaceable aspects of the origin of temperate divinity are immeasurably locked within the person who seeks to destroy in order to create. The eternal immutable substance, known as LIFE, like the divine essence of truth contained in ART cannot be destroyed but stands everlasting as a banner waving for those “…who seek diligently will find…” (paraphrased) Isaiah.

I am an Executive Cosmic Therapist, artist, entertainer, singer/songwriter, musician, composer, playwright, perfumer, professional astrologer, tarot consultant, Numerologist, author, teacher, speaker, poet and self-taught chef.


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