How to Take Good Care of Your Hair Scissors

The key to any hair styling profession is having the best quality hair scissors, along with other styling tools. This would guarantee client satisfaction and improved styling performance.

But then, choosing the right kind of hair scissors is not enough. You must also maintain its durability and quality, to prevent it from wear and tear. Even hair scissors of the highest quality still need to be taken cared of, in order to maintain its sharpness and cutting prowess.

Always bear in mind that your scissors are your primary tools, hence they are part of your entire occupation. So it would only be proper to keep these styling agents squeaky clean after each usage, or at the end of every work day in the salon. To prevent yourself from using damaged or rusty scissors, develop the habit of checking them before anything else. Examine its blades, and test its cutting capability first before trying it on the actual hair to be cut off.

Proper storage is also a way to preserve your scissors quality. When not in use, place the styling tools in a clean, dry place, safe from children’s reach. Do not place it with other cutting tools, as this might lead to the scissors’ ruin. Other cutting tools might expose the hair scissors to nicks and cuts, so it is advisable to put your hair scissors in a separate container or case so that it could not mess up with other sharpened tools.

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