The Truth About Mobile Phone Masts – Is it Pure Science Fiction?

Mast cable assemblies may sound like a foreign term if you are new to the world of custom cable projects. The simple truth, however, is that you probably see these pole-like structures often in your daily routines. The mast is just as it sounds: a long, tall, stick with an antenna used in radio communications and signals. While a simple arrangement, these assemblies are vital to the every day communications that take place in a variety of industries. If you find yourself requiring the use of such a formation, then take a look at the following to brief yourself on the basics:


Many mast cable assemblies masterracksbd are utilized in the field of broadcasting. When you view a television report from a news media, you often see a tall, thin tower in the background with an antenna. These tall structures are made of a tough insulating jacket, protecting an inner-wire. These outer jackets must be tough enough to withstand the elements of weather, including moisture (like rain), vibrations, heat, and winds. The inner cable is generally composed of aluminum and/or copper, including a coating. This copper element is usually the internal conductor while copper braiding acts as the shielding agent. This type of assembly should be field tested so that the durability of the structure is unquestionable, but the performance level is superior, so as to limit the loss of signal.


The preliminary question a layman asks is generally, “Why?” Why use this cable formation? The answer usually involves the concept of convenience. Mast cable assemblies are easy to deploy, easy to build, easy to carry, and easy to maintain. The stick-like structure allows the user to erect the assembly in a variety of different environments. This is especially important for those involved in fast-paced situations, like those testing out the weather or broadcasting breaking news stories. Also, the durability is unbeatable. These formations are built to withstand stressful environmental factors, like wind and vibrations.

Process of Customization

With a multitude of different functions for mast cable assemblies, it is important to understand the efficiency of customizing your wires. Choosing to go this route can save you both money and time. Mast structures must withstand certain harsh weather situations. Working with a company that specializes in these assemblies can prevent avoidable damage. This can save money in the long run, even if the customization stage incurs a monetary price tag up front.

To make the most of the process of customization, you should find a highly certified company that can provide you with a representative that understands your field of work and can communicate with you regarding the tools you need. Bring drawings of your work situation and explain exactly what the function of the mast cable assemblies. A good representative will have experience working with these structures and will be able to guide you in planning for the construction of the cables. A good company should be able to aid you in the selection of jackets and insulating materials, as well as the optimal wire for your industrial or personal needs.

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