Super Bowl Power Outage

The simplest and maybe most obvious problem solving idea for the next Super Bowl hosting stadium may be to implement checking their electrical system. Repeatedly, thoroughly testing and checking all systems and relays could be just that ounce of prevention that saves the game. This problem solving recommendation is even more highly recommended as authorities are now stating that it’s highly likely that a faulty relay may have been to blame for the outage. Although not much has been heard about what triggered the relay to fail, whether overload of wear.

But many still hold to the feeling   Newsrooms that a “Do” for eliminating power outage at the hosting stadium for future Super Bowl games may be to… tone down the half-time show. While a fantastic display of special effects was delivered by the set choreographer’s for Beyonce’s show, some say that it may have been over the top in its electrical demands.

Therefore it may have been responsible for triggering the outage. For quite a while after the game this was the main theory that was bandied about by many. Most are awed by how many lights, pyro-thingies and other electrically charged effects the set choreographers had involved in that show that Beyonce put on? It was truly an amazing and at times overwhelming display; so much so that the medley of songs kind of got lost some say. So is it any wonder that some wonder if less is more when the true star is the game.

While this may not literally be the culprit for the outage and the show was undeniably amazing in its set and special effects; are half-time shows getting too over the top? Many would put forth the question of what happened to just getting up there and belting out some good music? The majority are split in the desire to have a great visual show along with the singing and those who wish to simplify.

But when planning the 2014 Super Bowl overwhelmingly there is agreement that high power usage for the half-time show and its implication should be researched. No fan wants to run the risk of having the game delayed, rescheduled or, heaven forbid, cancelled; just for a great half-time show. After all even though the half-time show is great, the real fans are there to see the game and who wins it. So budget that power people and let’s not let future games go dark.


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