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During the 1920s , the German Fritz Rauel designed ski figures like those of figure skating (the initial steps of artful dance or acroski). In 1929 he distributed an assortment of new skiing prospects , in which these strategies were portrayed and represented 8 .

It was not until the 1960s that this type of skiing took genuine force: from one perspective on the North American mainland where shows ( display ) were coordinated with bouncing and big shot occasions and on different leaves for the European landmass where skiers arrange and set up genuine rivalries.  tremplin-numerique

The World Cup was made in 1976 , challenged between lovers of this game, at that point three years after the fact in 1979 , the FIS fused these rivalries into its program. In 1985 , the FIS chose to make the big showdowns with the primary version in Tignes in 1986 .

Subsequent to having been a showing sport at the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary , six of its orders were at long last conceded to the Olympic program from 1992: the head honcho occasion in 1992, the free-form bounce in 1994, the skicross in 2010. , slopestyle and half-pipe in 2014 and enormous air in 2022. Every opposition is challenged separately and by blended groups just for the leap in 2022.

Last of the Olympic free-form hopping rivalry in 2010.


Ski cross occasion in Les Contamines in 2010.

Free-form module: a half-pipe

Because of their set of experiences, the controls of free-form skiing have not generally been promptly perceived by the leagues and worldwide bodies, so the International Ski Federation has continuously continued to their incorporation by planning rivalries and afterward proposing them to the International Committee. Olympic. Today, six of them are authoritatively planned for the Winter Olympics: magnate skiing since 1992, free-form bouncing since 1994, at that point the new free-form skiing disciplines with skicross in 2010, half-pipe and the slopestyle in 2014 and huge air in 2022. Artful dance skiing was an exhibit sport in 1988 and 1992. At last, for freeride and boondocks skiing, the previous has global rivalries however both rationally don’t really want to take part in rivalries on the authority circuit and regularly do ‘expose to uncommon media inclusion and an association with the ski business.


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