Advertising for Dance Schools

Dance, in all forms, is one of the oldest displays of human creativity and joy. From ancient tribal dances, via ballroom waltzes to modern break dances, people have always sought to connect via the medium of artistic movement.

In the modern era dance schools have to be adaptable to survive. The good news is many people are being turned on to dance through the many television shows that focus on it. Unfortunately many schools don’t know how to take advantage of this new generation of dancers.

Many people will now search for local venues via the Internet, and finding a dance school is no exception. A well maintained website be a huge boon to the school. When searching for a new dance school people will search for two things: a location and a style of dance. Ensure that the location of the school is prominently displayed; the deciding factor for potential customers will be how far away they live from the school. Also ensure there is an up to date listing of all the classes that are run. This will ensure that any Internet searches will be targeted on your area and style of dance.

Even without a website a school can advertise on the Internet; a listing with an address and telephone number will draw attention. There are local listing sites for most town and cities worldwide. These sites are often free to place your contact details on and will help draw attention to a school. These sites can be found by using a search engine, looking for listing sites in your town.

When dealing with paid advertising it is 町田 ダンススクール worth being very specific; you will be paying for each visitor to the site. A visitor looking for salsa will not be interested in a ballet class, but may end up on your website if you do not specify ‘ballet lessons’. Many advertisers waste money by attracting visitors who will have no interest in their classes. Target the location and style of your dance class.

On your website it is also worth showing pictures of the dance floor; any semi-experienced dancer will want to know this. A teachers page, with a photo and short paragraph, will help put potential dancers at ease. Ensure to mention somewhere how you help people who have never danced before.

It is also worth dealing with social media sites. A dance school can be placed on Facebook, and you will receive free advertising as people see links on their friends Facebook pages. If you are confident with a camera, an instructional video placed on YouTube can demonstrate your teaching whilst drawing visitors to your website.

Finally never forget the power of advertising locally. Local papers and radio stations will bring local customers. Make sure to mention links to your website with any other advertising.



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