Playstation 2 Games – Popular Titles

Gaming has taken over the entertainment field as one of the most popular forms of entertainment, both for children and adults. Over the past 20 years, there has been a drastic increase in the sales of gaming devices, like consoles and other handheld gadgets. Video games have replaced television and books as the most sought after mode of recreation. In this regard, there has been a great influx of gaming gadgets, each one more developed and including more features than its predecessor. One such gadget is the PlayStation 2, or shortly, PS2. This is a gaming console which can be connected to the television, and using special discs, can be used to play games. PlayStation 2 was released in 2000 as the successor to the original.

PlayStation 2 games are manufactured in discs that contain the game data. With the release of many famous games as PS2 compatible discs, the demand for PS2 increased greatly leading to a major revolution in the gaming industry, bringing down the sales of computer games. Some of the famous PS2 games are discussed in the following paragraphs.

The ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series is one of the most popular selling games of the PS2. This game is a free form adventure-cum-action game, where the player is given control of a particular character, the name and appearance of the character varying with versions of the game. The player starts off as a normal citizen of a city, and gradually rises to become a gangster, stealing cars, and performing bank robberies. The game is versatile in the sense that there are no restrictions in the gameplay. The player needn’t stick to a particular set of directions to complete the game. He can roam all over the city, do what he likes, whenever he likes. This makes the game more realistic, thus gaining great popularity among Gaming gadgets the gaming audience.

Another very famous game is the WWE Smackdown series. This series of games has been developed after the popular television show, WWE. Judging by the enthusiastic response for the WWE television show, game developers came to the conclusion that if this concept evolved into a game, it would be patronized, and rightly so. As soon as the first edition of WWE Smackdown hit the market, it was a huge success, mainly among kids. Soon, WWE Smackdown 2 was released, which tasted similar success. You can find more information on gaming at

Currently, WWE Smackdown 4 is the latest version among this series of WWE Smackdown games. All these PlayStation 2 games involve all the excitement of the WWE television show. The player has the option of choosing the type of wrestling match, the wrestlers involved in the match, and the winning conditions. They can perform a variety of realistic moves to bring down their opponent and win the match. Newer versions include the feature of customizing the wrestler, where the player can customize his wrestler, right from the appearance, the ring costume, the moves, special moves and entrance styles. This has made this series very popular among the WWE loving audience.



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