The Symbols Of Reiki

The Western style of Reiki teachings is focused on the use of symbols or shirushi (Japanese) to convey the Reiki energy to the person being healed. It is said that in Mikao Usui’s original teachings he did not employ the use of these symbols. He did, however, bring the symbols into Reiki when he taught the three naval officers his techniques, one of who was Dr. Hayashi, supposedly because they were having difficulty understanding how to transmit energy on a spiritual level and Usui procured the symbols to help them grasp this concept. These symbols were further developed by Hayashi in his spiritual teachings after Usui’s death.

In Western Reiki, the symbols are used as ‘keys’ to the Reiki practitioner. The practitioners intuition must be developed and, using his or her hands guided by energy, kishin-fukuoka either to fixed positions on the body or intuitively ‘scanning’ to the body to be healed. The Reiki ‘Masters’ are attuned to the symbols and use these symbols to invoke Universal Life Force Energy, vibration and cosmic or celestial energy that flows through the practitioner into the body to be healed.

SYMBOL 1- CHO KU RAY (Pronunciation “choh-koo-ray”)

Alias: “The Power Symbol”

This Symbol is used to focus Reiki on a specific location, drawing energy from around the practitioner for a specific intent. It is used an all-purpose symbol and may be used as a seal or amulet for protection. Practitioners use this symbol to cleanse negative energies, on food, drink or material possessions. This symbol can be used in conjunction with other Reiki Symbols for further empowerment and to seal energies after the treatment is given.

SYMBOL 2- SEI HEI KI (Pronunciation: say-hay-key)

Alias: The Mental/Emotional Symbol

This Symbol is utilized primarily for the treatment of mental and emotional issues, calming the mind and for the treatment of addictions. Also employed in treating stress, anxiety, fear, depression and nervousness. It can help to cleanse and heal past traumas or emotional blockages. It removes bad vibrations and negative energies, to balance the left and right brain, for psychic protection and to deprogram inappropriate behavior as well as programming positive habits.

Sei Hei Ki restablishes emotional balance and harmony.

SYMBOL 3- HON SHA ZE SHO NEN (Pronunciation: Hanh-shah-zay-show-nen)

Alias: The Distance Symbol

Meaning: “Correct Thought /(Correct Mindfulness) is the essence of being” or “Right consciousness is the root for everything

This symbol is made of 5 kanji characters making up HSZSN.

It is used to send Reiki ‘at a distance’ to people, animals, places, situations or events. It is also used to send Reiki across the idea of time as we know it. Using this symbol, the practitioner sends Reiki to situations that have passed and/or events that have not yet happened. This symbol can also be used to assist interaction with spirits of place, ancestry, ancestry energy patterns or deity.

In some forms of Reiki, this symbol is understood to represent the idea that there is ‘oneness’ between practitioner and receiver of Reiki, that energy transcends delineation of forms.

SYMBOL 4- DAI KO MYO (Pronunciation: dye-ko-me-o)

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