Kids Birthday Games – They’re Happy, You’re Sane and Your Home Intact

It’s your son’s 9th birthday, and he’s opted to have a birthday party at home. Great you think, less stress on the purse. Then you discover he’s invited half his class (15 boys) and his two sisters are insisting that they have to have a friend each to come as well: “we can’t be the only 2 girls with all those boys.” I saw their point.

Greg (that’s my son) was campaigning for a football party. “How!” I cried “We live in a flat.” I had a nightmare vision of 16 boys playing football in our living room and the girls bouncing up and down on the sofa like demented cheer leaders. “Well you promised me the best games ever” grunted Greg, with his bottom lip grazing the carpet. I saw his point.

Boys birthday party ideas do not flow from my brain easily. However, the idea of an indoor football match with high octane 9 year olds spurred the little grey cells.

Fun birthday party games loosely themed around football, where to begin? My moment of inspiration hit me like a bolt of lightning: draw on traditional games and give them a football twist.

Here’s my great party games menu a la football. I should say that all the technical knowledge required was provided by Greg!

Team Transfer: based on the game of All Change each child was given the name of a footballer.

Warm Ups: this is Ladders, but instead of using numbers I gave each child a playing position: centre forward, goal keeper, left back and so on

Football Challenges: all you need are balloons that look like footballs. Pop a football related challenge inside each balloon before inflating (show us how you’d take a penalty triokids, dribble – you get the gist), start football themed music and away you go. Whoever has the balloon when the music stops has to burst it and carry out the challenge.

Football Charades: using a mix of teams and footballers’ names. No further explanation needed.

At half time we had a football themed tea: cheese footballs, cheese string goal nets, crisps, red footballs (tomatoes), green footballs (melon balls), orange slices and the piece de la resistance the football pitch cake. At the beginning of the second half, we played more mellow games to ensure what had gone down didn’t reappear!

Name that Team: You supply the names of football players, they guess the team. Don’t be afraid to go for the obscure (advised Greg). And he was right they’re junior obsessives.

Spot the Ball: do you remember Hunt the Thimble?

The Magic Touch: this is very simple magic game I adapted to football by using five small balls rather than coins (apparently the phrase ‘a magic touch’ is one often used in THE game!)

Then we went for the final play off (another term I’ve learnt) with a:

Treasure Hunt: I made up 6 clues about things to do with football. This took time. I then placed the football items (boot, whistle, plastic footballer, red card, etc.) in all the rooms except my bedroom, which was absolutely out of bounds. The kids worked in threes; seven trios deep in whispered discussions, before racing off to find the objects and then puzzle out an anagram that told them where the treasure was hidden. It was in the bgktia (sorry kitbag) which I had filled with football booty and put under the kitchen table.

“Well” I asked Greg when we’d said goodbye to the last little would be Rooney, “Was that OK?”

“Yep” he replied “those were the best party games ever, but forget using the whistle so often next time. Good refs don’t need to.” Taking his criticism on the chin, I remained chilled until my eldest daughter (aged 13) chimed in with “For my birthday I’d like a party with fun birthday party games like this, but on the X Factor not football.” Simon Cowell give me strength.

Working at the kitchen table in their cottage tucked deep in the Sussex countryside Krysia Hudek and Terry Howe have designed and produced Party Game Wizard, a bookshelf box of 16 traditional games with their own unique twists for £15.95. While we’re far from phobic about electronic games, we want to produce games that will encourage good old social play in families, and for children and adults parties and get-togethers. These are not old fashioned games, but games that have withstood the test of time and are as much fun in the 21st century as in the past. We’re delighted that John Lewis, a well known UK quality store is not only retailing Party Game Wizard but has made it one of its top 100 Christmas products.

Many of the football themed ideas in this article have been made by customising the games in Party Game Wizard. Indeed we’re giving you a taster of a football themed set of games we’re set to publish early next year.


Buying Baby Accessories

For a parent expecting their first child, looking at the list of preparations is daunting. Trying to figure out what is necessary and what can wait, which accessories are better for the baby- the list goes on. There is no doubt, however, that some things certainly are needed.

A car seat, of course, is undeniably a must, as well as a good supply of diapers. Baby bottles are often preferred, as well as milk formula, for those mothers who, for one reason or another, are unable to give their own milk, or even to give Dad extra time to spend with the little one. Clothes are another must-have, particularly items such as jumpers and pajamas. Extra-soft baby towels and rags, rather than the courser bath towels used by adults, are another desirable article. With these come specially formulated soaps and shampoos, expressly devised for the newborn’s sensitive skin. A baby bath is another thing that is helpful to acquire, while a crib is a definite must.

Some items are wonderful and fun luxuries to own, but not absolutely necessary to have in the beginning. These include toys, such as rattles and blocks. The newborn baby does not have the focus of mind and body to notice such things, at least at first 4g kids smartwatch. Later on, however, as baby becomes more mobile and aware of the world around him, these distractions become a must for any parent intending to keep their child out of anything within reach. A baby swing is good for calming the baby and for a nap, as is a playpen. Certain things, though not immediately called for, become essentials later on down the road. A highchair or walker would be some good examples of these.

These are only a few examples of the wide array of utensils available to the proud parents of the newborn. Indeed, baby accessories are a world of its own, confidently occupying its own niche in the market.


How To Find And Recruit Affiliates To Promote Your Product

How To Find And Recruit Affiliates To Promote Your Product

Affiliates are marketers that sell products other than their own in exchange for commission. Often they will get anywhere from 40-60 percent of each sale which sounds like a lot but is actually the very definition of a win-win situation. While 60% might sound like a large amount, remember that you’re getting 40% of 100% profit if it’s a digital product. What’s more, that’s 40% that you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten at all. Offering a large commission is a great move because it ensures more people will sell your item meaning more exposure and more sales.
Budapest property

So how do you find people who are willing to sell your product?

Where to Find Affiliates

The best place to find affiliates is on a forum with lots of digital marketers. Two great examples are Digital Point Forums and Warrior Forum. On both these forums you will find legions of webmasters, marketers and salespeople that generate their income entirely online. If you can promote your affiliate offer there and you can make it sound really tempting, you’ll get lots of people selling your product.

You can also find affiliates other places too. There are sites like ClickBank for instance that are specifically aimed at publishers who are looking for affiliates. You can even put your product on Amazon as that way you’ll naturally be able to take advantage of the affiliate scheme that Amazon provides.

Believe it or not, social media can also be a good place to find affiliates. Looking on Facebook for instance can be a smart move and especially if you’re a member of any groups. Google Plus is another good option, as is LinkedIn which provides lots of tools for marketing.

Another option is to contact blog owners in your niche directly and give them the opportunity to further monetize their site. Finally, make sure that you include the option to sell your product on your own site as long as that won’t hurt your reputation.

How to Get Them Onboard

The next challenge is getting these affiliates to want to work with you. There are a few ways you can do this. The obvious one of course is to offer a higher commission Ð and you can always lower this in future once you have a few to start with. Another important point is that you need to ensure your product is good. That’s because you want your affiliates to believe they can sell it effectively.


Notes on Decking

Many homes are enjoying plenty of upgrades, even in this staggering economy. For twenty years and over, wood decking has been a premiere addition to home making. Families have been upgrading their homes for many years, and not just to improve the value, but to improve the comfort of their home. You should check out a professionally built patio in the back of their home to improve the barbeques and parties that are being thrown. A wood deck is an incredible thing to add to your   deck builder existing home in the backyard, or anywhere along the property of your home. Homes with a nice wood decks are getting more attention and therefore are selling for more money, as home prices rise. Yes, home prices have not been the greatest in recent years, according to the media, but there are so many different people have been purchasing homes and really enjoying them with decks in the yard. The yards are looking better, and more people are hosting parties and more and why not?

Speaking of hosting parties you may want to consider a deck railing. There are a lot of deck builders and all it takes is a quick internet search to find them. Deck building is not something that you want to trust to just anybody. It is wise to check not just one or two but several of the references that most will claim to have.

In recent years, many home improvement companies have been stocking more wood, and many magazines have been featuring houses with wood decking, because they are recognizing it as a premiere upgrade for a home. You can never go wrong with updating your home to the current market trends, and the best thing to do is to leave the deck building to a professional.

A professional builder cannot demystify the idea of deck building. You need to call them for a free estimate and enjoy the greater good that is coming through. They will talk to you about the pros and cons of getting a solid wood deck. Not only that, professionals can save you a lot of money on raw materials, and labor, not only that they can save your back and your weekend from going under. If you are not careful, you can end up wasting a weekend and if you are not good, you will have to put in several weeks of work, before you can even test your deck’s weight and stress. A professional won’t take that long to install a good deck in your yard, and you will enjoy the greatness that comes through with a nice barbeque after making the deck a reality. Save money, get solid work, and you know what? You can get a free estimate, just in case you have a fear of commitment.



Car Services

Limousine Etiquette Suggestions To understand

Everybody enjoys limo rides. They’re Nearly the best part of your event that’s going on, right? Irrespective of whether it’s for your marriage, the prom, a birthday bash, a bachelor or bachelorette get together, an anniversary, or a night to the town, an incredible limo services is often a blast. And though The purpose is usually to have a good time riding all-around within a limousine, usually there are some fantastic “general guideline” limo etiquette rules that each passenger ought to stick to. The luxurious motor vehicle support and driver you’re utilizing need to be handled respectfully.But what precisely does this respect entail? We’ve place together some items to suit your needs to look at for a passenger.Guest CountIt’s good to know the number of passengers there’ll be riding in the limo or luxurious auto you’ve booked, also to Enable the corporate know this amount. If the amount of passengers increases for almost any rationale, it’s also good to let them know this so that they can pick which in their vehicles will be the most comfortable, accommodating, and Safe and sound for the get together.

Learn how to Get In

This will sound wholly silly, but to get straightforward, That is something which basically triggers loads of very last-moment mishaps and clumsiness. Make it possible for the motive force to open the door for you (In spite of everything, that’s the driving force’s occupation), sit in the primary empty seat that you simply see, and swing your legs in for any clean entry. When you finally’re seated, scoot together the row of seats until you’ve discovered the proper spotDon’t FightWe realize that the whole issue of leasing a limo for a night out typically signifies that travellers will probably be partying and drinking. Having said that, don’t be that as well-intoxicated rider that gets right into a combat inside the limo. This is often foolish, commonly perilous, and totally avoidable. It is without a doubt not good limo etiquette!Know The Bash RulesMost luxurious car products and services don’t permit smoking cigarettes in their vehicles, so be mindful and respectful of the if it’s a rule. Examine with the super bowl business once you guide about possessing any Liquor approved, and become usually respectful when In the car. Don’t swear at your driver or be obnoxious. They’re there undertaking a career for you, and they should truly feel a certain standard of protection also.Don’t Trash The Limo

Leave the limo as closely as you can while you identified it. Don’t leave empty bottles, cans, or wrappers. Don’t toss foods or drink at your fellow travellers. Don’t put your footwear everywhere in the seats. When you permit, choose Whatever you introduced along with you. Some luxurious motor vehicle services businesses essentially cost a cleansing price if there’s a large number, so be aware of the.Don’t Neglect To TipGeneral etiquette says it is best to idea your driver fifteen% with the limo rental fee if it’s an everyday trip, and 20% if you’ve rented the limo for your Distinctive situation (particularly if the passengers are in “get together method”).At Modern-day Limousine Assistance, we genuinely enjoy shoppers who practice fantastic limo etiquette. We provide stylish, Protected, and trustworthy transport for many who ought to get all over California. We make use of the very best drivers, and we delight ourselves on our remarkable company. If you’re needing a limo or luxury auto rental, seize an quick estimate or just


Decks, Pergolas, and Gazebos – Home Improvement Best Left to a Deck Builder Or Contractor

Most adults had the opportunity to play with building blocks or toy logs to construct a house or towering structure as children. Some of these individuals have never  deck builder lost the interest in building things with their own two hands. To listen to all of the home improvement commercials or lumber desks inside these home improvement stores, one would just assume that any person has the ability to build a fence or deck. This could not be further from the truth.

Building a deck and gazebo is not just a matter of placing some concrete footers on the ground and resting several deck boards across a wood frame. Even an installation as seemingly simple as a pergola is not necessarily a project for a do-it-yourself home owner. There are several factors which need to be considered in order to prevent creating problems by installing a deck or other structure.

Drainage and the slope of the land is a primary concern. Without considering the slope of the property and drainage, building an uncovered deck or covered deck can cause much of the water from rain to be channeled and collected at the footings and vertical supports or along the main wall of the home.. This can cause inherent weaknesses in the structures or accelerate mold, fungus, and rot.

The next aspect of building a deck, gazebo, or pergola is to be aware of the type of lumber to use, whether it is a synthetic wood or pressure treated wood. Untreated wood should never be used in the construction of any exterior installation. The humidity alone can cause the untreated wood to fail within an extremely short time. Because of the wide selections of materials available today and each having their own distinct properties, a professional contractor specializing in deck installations or some landscapers should be consulted.

The type of hardware to be used should be of main focus in addition to the above mentioned considerations. Galvanized nails or screws have been a long time traditional method of securing board to frame. While nails are a proven piece of hardware, they will not hold as well as screws. Over one season, nails can begin to pop up from the surface of the boards. Screws will hold much better and will stay much more secure. There are alternatives to screws and nails. Newer methods and hardware are available which will secure the surface boards of the deck to the frame without being visible from the top. Some particular types of lumber materials actually work better with these newer fasteners. Again, a professional deck builder should be consulted.

Clearly the “nuts and bolts” of a deck offer up a lot of options to a home owner. The basics will determine the longevity of the deck and ease of maintaining the home owner’s investment. If experienced and wise choices are not exercised, the home owner can easily find that their “do-it-yourself” project will cost much more in the future.

For more information and pictures, visit []. Paradise Decking’s website has a detailed gallery of sun rooms, patios, decks and gazebos.


Deck Building – How to Design an Attractive Deck

To transform your ordinary deck into a beautiful and comfortable one, you should start with a professional deck design tailored to your home. Every home offers various prospects for building a creative design for an attractive and useful deck. A truly attractive deck design is one that incorporates your existing home and garden. If you own an older home, chances are that you have a wood deck that needs replacing. When considering a new or replacement, it is best to consider how it will fit into the existing landscape.

Some considerations for having a deck designed appropriately for your home are listed below:

The main objective of building a good deck is designing a deck that can be merged into pre-existing  deck builder near me surroundings without being blatantly intrusive. Additionally, there are subtle factors to consider when deciding to build, such as if you want to build a deck in a shady area or with a sunny southern exposure. Do you want privacy from your neighbors? Is your property near a busy street with lots of? If so then consider the use of shrubbery, walls or fences to create a private environment.

Make sure to consider placement before building your deck. Placing a deck near the living room can cause problems as the foot traffic will soil your carpets, whereas placing the wood deck next to the kitchen makes it easy to move food and dishes back and forth while eating outside on the deck. You may also consider using large sliding glass doors to give you a great view and to make the outdoors look even more inviting.

To make your deck design more attractive, you can use affordable yet unique deck furniture. You will be surprised what you can buy in the off season.

The best way to give your deck the feeling of multiple spaces is to divide it into multiple levels or sectioned off areas. You can have an area for reading, lounging or sunning and another area for dining, entertaining and cooking.

Designed properly, deck building can provide innumerable hours of enjoyment for you, your friends and family as well as increase the value of your home!




Melting of Siachen and Other Himayalan Glaciers

New strongly worded reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released on Feb 2 this year could perhaps make the decision-makers change their minds about this wasteful, futile conflict. The IPCC forecasts that global temperatures would rise by 1.8 to 4.0 Celsius this century. There are already signs that South Asia will be one of the worst affected regions — monsoon affected with reduced agriculture production, sinking of island communities and increase in vector borne diseases.

Here, however, we will mainly consider the impact of human presence and war on the glaciers of this region and the impact of this on the region and globally. Note that melting of the Himalayan glaciers contributes about 25 percent to the sea-rise globally.

A serious unforeseen consequence of the Siachen war is the danger posed to four other glaciers: Gangotri, Miyar, Milan and Janapa, which feed the rivers Ganges (first two glaciers), Chenab and Sutlej respectively. This is because of the heavy traffic on the Indian road from the plains to Siachen passing near these four glaciers on the Delhi-Manali-Leh route. This finding is corroborated by a recent report by one of us (AHA) for the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF).

According to Prof M N Kaul, Principal Investigator on glaciology in the Indian Department of Science and Technology, “the ecology, the environment and the  carservice2u health of the glacier can be under severe threat in case the Baltal route to the holy Amarnath cave was frequented by thousands of pilgrims.”

Mr Kaul said that heavy pilgrim traffic besides mountain expeditions result in depletion of glacier and environmental degradation. He explained that “this depletion and degradation are the result of human breath, refuse and land erosion.”

When these pilgrims can cause so much damage to the glaciers, imagine what the continual presence of troops from both countries must do to the ice and snow given their high-energy requirement.

Science bureaucrats who wish to be totally ‘objective’ can often be very conservative in their assessment of complex phenomenon that require immediate attention and action. Often a watertight assessment is not feasible and decision ought to be based on the “precaution principle”.

Unlike Prof Kaul, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, director-general of The Energy and Resources Institute, is quoted as saying: “A number of scientists say Siachen should be made a protected area, a heritage site of sorts, and that there should be no army presence on either side. For purely ecological reasons, this might be a good idea. But I don’t see why there would be melting as a result of military presence and activity.” Italics are added to show a lack of conviction in supporting an end to armed conflict at Siachen.

But Dr Pachauri holds an even more important position as the chairman of the IPCC. Launching the finding of the international report on Feb 2nd, he strongly emphasised the cost and danger if there is no action taken on reducing greenhouse emissions which, among other things, melt glaciers.

Research about the Gangotri, India’s largest glacier — which feeds the Ganges — has found that the rate of retreat has almost doubled to 34 meter per year compared to what it was in 1971.

The melting of Himalayan glaciers could have serious consequences as more than 500 million residents of the Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra river basins rely on them for water supply.

As with Gangotri, so with Siachen the increasing melting can be largely attributed to human activities in these areas. In Siachen, which provides water to the Nubra River, a tributary of the Indus, the ecosystem has been hugely disturbed by the presence of nearly 15000 troops on its two sides, consuming and defecating, soiling the area and littering it with the remains of war. Much of this debris will flow into our river Indus as the glacier melts.

India airlifts food and vital supplies to supplement material that goes up on an all-weather road. Fuel needed for daily needs of cooking and keeping warm is provided by India through a 250 km long pipeline. Vehicular traffic and the heat generated from the activities on this 21,000 ft high glacier has led to unprecedented melting and diminishing of this 72 km-long glacier. Currently temperature rise in the area is recorded as 0.2 degrees Celsius annually, resulting in destructive snow avalanches, formation of glacial lakes and snow holes.

Note that Pakistani troops lie on the western side of the Saltoro ridge, which essentially runs north-south, while Indians are on the eastern side. This is where the Siachen glacier is. Due to much lower activity on the Pakistani side the western glaciers are stable, as shown by recent independent studies by researchers from the UK and Italy.

Unfortunately, climate ‘experts’ in Pakistan seem to lack knowledge of the importance of glaciers for our ecosystem. In 2001, some of them associated with the Global Climate Change Impact Studies Centre in Islamabad suggested that glaciers be melted artificially (by lasers or darkening) to alleviate the drought in the plains! This Centre was set up by old hands of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. It took one of their own colleagues, Dr Khalid Rashid, to debunk in a conference paper their suggestions, which he labelled as science fiction!

Glaciers can also be made secure by the use of common sense. It is for opinion-makers in India and Pakistan to tell their respective governments to stop ruining the future of our water supplies and our weather system. Bringing their troops down from the inhospitable heights of Siachen would be the first step. This would be welcomed by the troops as well as the mountain wildlife that has been displaced by the war.




A Guide for Deaf People in Getting Jobs

Finding a job is never easy. Looking for a job that you want often involves patience and persistence, and the job search can become easier with guidance. It is important to view your job search as a positive and rewarding experience. You may experience some ups and downs during your search, and you must not give up. Below is an easy guide that can help you with your job search as a deaf or hard of hearing job seeker.

Looking up job listings

You should start looking at listings on job boards or websites to find jobs that you might like. Be sure to use the right keywords when you search for jobs online. In addition, using hashtags on social media sites to find jobs are becoming more common these days. For example, #DeafJobs or #DeafTalent in job postings are widely used on social media sites that target deaf and hard of hearing job seekers. Also, many employers look for deaf and hard of hearing candidates through job postings on This website has a wide range of job vacancies from entry-level to executive-level, so check it often for new listings.

Network and get job recommendations

Many people get hired through networking and recommendations. They often get their jobs by networking or talking with someone inside the company about the job openings. This strategy is mostly true for all sectors and sizes of companies or organizations. Employers also often hire people through recommendations. That said, you are likely to have better chances in landing a job by someone recommending you than competing for a job in the open market. You can start by networking with your friends or even employees from the companies or organizations for any suitable jobs where you can apply. If you want to work in a particular field, then you should contact your peers who are already working in that field for job recommendations.

Contact employment programs working with deaf and hard of hearing people

Many states have employment programs or career centers specializing in working with deaf and hard of hearing job seekers in securing employment. These programs and centers can offer customized employment services based on your needs. Such services include helping you with your resume writing, interviewing skills, or finding jobs, as well as any support and training that you might require. If you are interested in getting additional help, you can search online for a deaf employment program or career center close to you, or you can get in touch with your local deaf and hard of hearing service center or office for a referral.

Ticket to Work Program

If you are a recipient of Social Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and  un jobs seek to work, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has a ” Ticket to Work ” program that is designed to help deaf and hard of hearing people get training and find jobs. The Ticket to Work program is a free and voluntary program that gives Social Security recipients with choices that can help them to go to work. Contact your local SSA office for a referral.




How to Use the Future Tense in Spanish to Express Probability

In this lesson you will learn how to use the future tense in Spanish to express probability. The future tense is not only used to denote actions that will occur in the future. Unlike in the English language, the tense of the future is used in this manner in the Spanish language. Many beginner students have trouble Spanish Magazine 
truly grasping this concept since it does not exist in the English language. Rest assured that after reviewing this lesson, you will feel comfortable using the tense of the future in Spanish in order to indicate probability.

When there is doubt, conjecture, or probability in the present, the future tense is used. In English you would most likely use words such as could, wonder, probably, suppose, assume, etc. You could say, for example, “I wonder who he is?” but in Spanish you would say, “me pregunto ¿quién será?”

Take a look at the following examples:

Present probability in Spanish Present probability in English
Serán las cuatro de la mañana – It must be four in the morning
No entiendo a Juan ¿Me amará? – I don’t understand Juan, I wonder if he loves me.
Tendrá mucho dinero – He/she must have a lot of money
¿Habrán llegado a España? – Do you suppose they have arrived to Spain?
¿Cómo estará la señora García? – I wonder how Mrs. García is doing
¿Quién será el maestro? – Who could the teacher be?
Estará enfermo – He is sick, I assume.
Tendrá cincuenta años – He is probably fifty years old

Just be aware that you understand the context because the meaning may change. Read the third sentence, for example, “tendrá mucho dinero” could mean either “he or she will have a lot of money” or “he or she must have a lot of money.”

Now that you know how to use the future tense in Spanish to express probability, it would be a good idea to practice making up some sentences using the future tense to create more examples. Through lots of practice you will master this topic of Spanish grammar.

In closing, I will list a couple of learning-Spanish tools that my own students have found helpful for learning this and other topics of the Spanish language:

1. Verbarrator (Spanish verb conjugation software from Learning Like Crazy)
2. Mastering Spanish Vocabulary – A Thematic Approach by Jose Maria Navarro and Axel J. Navarro Ramil.
3. Read and Think Spanish by The Editors of Think Spanish Magazine

All of the above products are available at

Rosy Guerra is an instructor who teaches both Spanish and English. She is also a native Spanish speaker from Guatemala. If you would like to get FREE instant access to her downloadable PDF report “The Top 101 Products For Learning Spanish” visit her web site Verbs in Spanish